Where to Get Affordable Help with Your Website

LET’S FACE IT. Running a website encompasses a lot of tasks. Building, managing, and promoting a website generally requires loads of work.

As a beginner, starting with a blank website may be quite overwhelming. You might even be wondering how other companies do this. Well, the answer is that they hire a whole team of experts who will do all these for them.

Making The Impact LLC is a small business based in Norman, Oklahoma. They love helping churches, non-profit organizations, and small businesses in Oklahoma and around the world. They provide a variety of services in web development, graphic design, online marketing and more.

If you are looking for affordable assistance with your website, graphics, marketing, and promotional items, Making The Impact can help you.

Another option is OUTSOURCING your website-related tasks to freelancers.

Through outsourcing, you get to hire a specific freelancer. The freelancer will do a specific task for you. The great thing about freelancers is that they offer their services at an affordable cost while delivering high quality work. The reason they charge less is because generally they have lower overhead costs, fewer clientele, live overseas, lack official training or experience, or they just like to make their services more affordable for people.

For example, your website needs a logo, a couple of graphics, and an engaging design. For these, you can hire a freelance graphic artist who can create these for you.

A website needs articles, blog posts, and videos. You can have all these created by a freelance content writer. You can find a skilled content writer who knows how to create SEO content for your website to rank higher in the search engines.

For promotion, you will need to find someone specializes in marketing tactics. There’s a freelancer out there who can empower your website through marketing. This will solve your prospecting, advertising, and even managing customer-service tasks.


So where can you find freelancers?

There’s no shortage of places online wherein you can find freelancers. The best and most affordable place is Fiverr, where you can search for skilled freelancers.

Fiverr is an online pool of freelancers. It’s a site wherein you can find all varieties of services, which will serve your website and business well.

Fiverr Homepage

Fiverr provides you with the necessary information about the freelancers. By looking at the freelancer’s profile, you immediately get an idea about the services they offer. You can see through each profile the cost a freelancer requires. You can also see the rating of their past clients, as well as the number of jobs a particular freelancer did.

By outsourcing through Fiverr, you can search your preferred freelancers. At the same time, you can test them through their profiles even before hiring them.

Starting a website as a beginner should not hurt your budget. Hiring through Fiverr will help you spend according to your budget. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy quality work through skilled freelancers.

Save yourself a lot of time, effort, and stress by taking advantage of the services being offered through Fiverr.

If you aren’t sure where to start or who to hire, Making The Impact can help you with your project, including hiring freelancers so you don’t get ripped off, planning your website, and taking care of all the technical aspects that can often be overwhelming and a lot of work.

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